The technicalities of what we do

One of the most crucial alignment angles to adjust during an alignment is turning angle

If a castor reading differs more than 2 degrees side to side, shoulder scuffing starts forming on the front steer tyres. We specialize in castor adjustments and installing of castor wedges and shims to stop this from happening.

All wheel bearings and bushes & suspension components are checked by the owner himself to make shore that the alignment is done on components with no faults. One of the biggest problems we get on wheel balancing is that the front wheels is not centered properly which cause a uneven balance, we go the extra miles to take of the wheel and center the rims to the studs with special tools to insure the correct balancing of the wheels.

We also do inflation of tyres. We manufacture all the necessary shims, wedges, center sleeve wheel nuts and balancing weights to insure the job is done right. All u bolts, pivot bolts, radius rod pins, torq rod bolts and every nut is torqed after we did the alignment.

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